Applicants can choose a maximum of 2 choices from the following programmes. (Programme Choice 1 as your first choice and Programme Choice 2 as your second choice.)


Programme Choice 1 课程选择 1:
Programme Choice 2 课程选择 2:

* Please read “Information for Mainland Applicants” before you fill in this form.
* 在填写这申请表格之前,请先阅读《内地学生入学须知》。
Please contact PolyU HKCC directly for enquiries and application procedures. PolyU HKCC does not cooperate with any organisations on the Chinese mainland on admission activities.
All visa application from Mainland applicants should be submitted to Immigration Department via the College (sponsor).
The College will only handle the first submission of your application form if you have submitted more than once. If you wish to update the information, please contact us by email (
Please submit Form 33-M to us via email ( if you wish to submit request on change of programme choices. The deadline for submitting request is 24 June 2018. Please note that you are allowed to submit the request ONCE.
Please fill in the information below. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) denote mandatory fields.
(*)1. Full name in English (as shown on your Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macau or Passport)
Surname 姓
Given name 名
(*) 2. Full name in Chinese (as shown on your Mainland ID Card)
中文全名 (请依你的中国居民身份证输入)
(*) 3. Gender 性别
Male 男
Female 女
(*) 4. Date of Birth 出生日期 (YYYYMMDD)(年月日)
Please input 19980102 if your date of birth is 2 Jan 1998. 如你的出生日期为1998年1月2日,请输入 19980102。

(*) 5. Mainland ID Card Number 中国居民身份证号码
(*) 6. Correspondence Address in Chinese 中文通讯地址

(*) 7. Province 居住省份
(*) 8. Postal Code 邮政编码
9. Telephone Number 联络电话
(*) 10. Mobile Number 手提电话
(*) 11. Email Address 电邮地址 (Email is the major way of making contact with you, please make sure the email address is valid.) (电邮为学院与你联络的主要途径,请确保电邮地址正确。)
(*) 12a. Academic Attainment (1): Highest Qualification Attained

(*) 12b. Academic Attainment (2): Secondary Education

From 由 Month 月 Year 年
To 至 Month 月 Year 年
Schools Attended / Attending 曾经/现在就读的学校

Class Attended / Attending 曾经/现在就读年级

13. Supplementary Information 附加资料
Provide further details relevant to your application, such as work experience (for mature applicants) and outstanding achievements in athletic, artistic, social services or other cultural activities, and submit supporting documents (e.g. award certificates)

14. Applicants with Disabilities 伤健申请人
It is the College’s policy to offer equal opportunities and suitable services and support to all applicants. If you have a disability, please specify the condition.

Are you an applicant with disability? 你是否伤健申请人?
Yes 是 No 否
If “yes”, please specify the condition. 若为伤健人士,请简述情况。

If “Others” is chosen in the question above, please specify. 若于以上伤健类别选择「其他」,请注明状况。
(*) 15a. Authorisation and Declaration(1) 授权及声明(1)
I authorise Hong Kong Community College (HKCC) to use my personal data, including my name, contact phone numbers, email and correspondence address, for the following purposes:
  • For all types of processing relevant to my application for 2018/19 admission to HKCC and all other associated purposes, including identifying multiple applications / registration, and checking records of my studies as a student in institutions on the Chinese mainland and elsewhere;
    处理本人的2018/19 年度HKCC入学申请及相关用途,包括查核重复申请及注册,以及查阅本人于内地及其他地方之学生记录;
  • For HKCC, and the relevant authorities, to retrieve, release and have access to my results of any public examinations and my studies and / or qualifications;
  • For HKCC to transfer these data to the student record system upon my registration at HKCC. The data together with my photo image (collected at the time of registration) may be used for all purposes relating to my studies and student activities in the College and alumni affairs after my graduation;
  • For statistical and research purposes, with the understanding that my name and other personal details will not be disclosed.
  • I understand that if my application is unsuccessful, HKCC will dispose of my application form and other related information by the end of December 2018, unless I tick the “agree” box below — in which case, my data will be retained by HKCC for direct marketing purposes, including distribution of promotional materials about programme information, admission news, and activities relating to College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) and its educational units of HKCC and School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED), as well as other PolyU faculties and departments.
Please choose the appropriate option below: 请选择下列适当选项:
I agree / do not agree to receive direct marketing information from HKCC.
本人 同意 / 不同意 收取HKCC寄发的宣传信息。
According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, I have the right to request access to, and correct my personal data. Should I wish to do so, I need to submit my request(s) in writing to HKCC.
For “Personal Information Collection Statement” and “Privacy Statement” of HKCC, please visit
(*) 15b. Authorisation and Declaration(2) 授权及声明(2)
I hereby understand and agree that admission to any undergraduate degree programmes offered by universities in Hong Kong after my successful completion of an Associate Degree programme with HKCC will be based on my academic achievement in HKCC and personal merits. All universities in Hong Kong have full discretion to admit students based on their own criteria and admission procedures, therefore HKCC does not guarantee my admission to any undergraduate degree programmes offered by local universities . I also understand that as stipulated by the University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong, non-local sub-degree graduates shall not be considered for UGC-funded senior year places in UGC-funded institutions. However, non-local sub-degree graduates may apply for admission into the first year of an undergraduate degree programme and / or apply for credit transfer in these institutions.
I understand that it is my own responsibility to ensure my eligibility of abode in Hong Kong or obtain a valid study visa from the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government before the commencement of study (1 September 2018) and I will bear all losses caused by failure to ensure the above-mentioned eligibility.
Please tick the box below: 请在下列空格内加上剔号:
I have read and understood all the details above and in the “Information for Mainland Applicants” and will comply with all the stated rules and regulations. I declare that the information given in support of this application is accurate and complete. Any false or misleading information will lead to disqualification of my application and nullification of any registration. All fees paid will not be refunded.
16. How did you learn about HKCC’s programmes? (You may tick more than one box.)
  • Website Advertisements 互联网广告
  • Web Discussion Forums – Please specify which forum(s) 互联网讨论区,请注明
  • Newspaper Advertisements – Please specify which newspaper 报章广告,请注明
  • Coverage in Publications – Please specify which publication 刊物的介绍,请注明
  • Bus Advertisements 巴士广告
  • MTR Advertisements 港铁广告
  • Radio 电台
  • HKCC Guide to Enrolment 学院申请入学手册
  • HKCC Programme Leaflets 学院课程单张
  • HKCC Website 学院网页
  • Referral by Relatives / Friends 亲友推介
  • Referral by Schoolmates 同学推介
  • Referral by Teachers / School 师长/学校推介
  • Others – Please specify 其他,请注明

Please double-check that your input is correct before clicking the “Submit” button. Once you have submitted the form, no amendment could be made through this online form.